Adrian Farr is a London couture fashion photographer, creative director and writer, who specialises in experimental fashion photography and conceptual storytelling. His career has been a profound journey of exploration and self-discovery; starting with street and photo reportage, editorial portraiture and fine art, moving into extreme sports and adventure, later turning to fashion, and more recently couture fashion photography, as he gradually adopted a more expressive approach to image making. His art has been featured globally on CreativeLive, exhibited in London and New York, and published in international magazines like Dark Beauty.


Born in King’s Lynn in 1985, Farr’s curiosity in photography was first ignited at the age of 10 years old, during a violent and abusive childhood, where he learnt how to channel photography into a form of escapism and artistic expression. Forced to leave home in 2001 before finishing high school, photography found him again as a teenager during a time of hardship and adversity. Between studying psychology at college and working four part-time jobs to survive and stay off the streets, he applied himself to photojournalism and writing, in order to separate himself and break free from an impending life of crime and drugs, which he had been unwillingly flung into.

In 2003, he relocated to Norwich in order to seek out reputable career opportunities within the corporate world. But by 2006 he realised that his passion laid elsewhere, as he had a burning desire to do something far more creative and adventurous. Teaching himself as he went along, Farr returned to photography and creative writing in his spare time, shooting a variety of genres from landscapes, events and sports, to fine art portraits and weddings, whilst also enduring the financial crisis of the great recession and overcoming several back-to-back redundancies. In 2009 he achieved a diploma in digital photography with a clear distinction from Wensum College.

Through his creative writing and commissioned photographs of extreme sports in 2012, he won an all expenses paid trip to Canada to work on a photographic blog series for Crystal Ski, to showcase travel and snowboarding experiences in the Canadian Rockies. His snowboarding and adventure photographs went on to win various other photography competitions, and were also exhibited at Somerset House in London, as well as being featured in the Telegraph newspaper, which gave him the confidence to pursue a professional career in photography full-time. After his final corporate redundancy in June 2012, he started studying the business side of photography.

It was his encounter with London fashion photographer Lara Jade that sparked his interest in fashion photography. He began 2013 by shooting runway fashion shows and documenting the backstage scenes for Norwich Fashion Week, leading to him being commissioned as the primary photographer for all of their editorial fashion campaigns for the following year, where he was able to shoot for local fashion designers and vintage clothing stores, as well as national retail brands such as John Lewis. He was then approached by Norwich City College to give motivational talks and to mentor several students who were also interested in pursuing a career in photography.

Feeling restricted by retail and vintage fashion, he soon turned to a more conceptual approach after assisting London fine art photographers Kirsty Mitchell and Miss Aniela during the summer. Later in 2013, he got his first international publication in Dark Beauty Magazine, and was also awarded business start-up funding from the Prince’s Trust. In 2014 his love for fantasy began to seep into his work, and over the next three years his images were published in other international fashion and photography magazines, as well as being shared across various online platforms. He also became a featured emerging artist on the renowned global education resource CreativeLive.

Shooting between Norwich and London, his fashion and portrait work continued to perform highly in many photography contests, including an honourable mention in the International Photographer of the Year 2016 awards, in the fashion category. One of his commercial fashion images was also selected to appear in the 2016 Chashama Gala art exhibition, and was showcased on a 13-storey billboard in Times Square New York. He has since been commissioned to write creative educational articles for photography resources such as CreativeLive, and is now currently being mentored by America’s Next Top Model and celebrity photographer Matthew Jordan Smith.

Today, more fascinated by dramatic and extravagant styling, Farr has shifted his focus towards couture fashion photography, with an ambition to work with prestigious couture designers and notable fashion houses, to help craft impactful storytelling images that have something more to say than ordinary fashion photographs. Currently working with creative teams in London on a number of personal projects to build a new body of conceptual work, he has plans for his first solo art exhibition and has also started writing his first cinematic novel, where his couture fashion photography will also serve as an immersive visual experience to help bring his fantastical narrative to life.

Growing up I never had a sense of reality nor my place in it. It was a longing for adventure and my curiosity in the unknown where I found serenity in creating fiction. I feel fantasy allows for a deeper exploration of ourselves, where we can escape into a place of pretend and make-believe to face our own psychological conflicts and emotional complexities, to visualise alternatives and play out different scenarios to overcome our darkest fears and process our most perplexing emotions.

I construct fantastical worlds we will never live in, and tell the enchanting stories of strangely beautiful, but tragically wistful and empty souls, whom we shall never meet.

With a desire to wake people up from a dreamless sleep, my images seek to explore the beauty of an existential crisis; a crossroads in our lives where we feel hopelessly lost, but where we are also empowered to reinvent ourselves and become everything we have ever dreamt of being. Interweaving a visual narrative between our waking and dreaming lives, my art is motivated by identity; the struggle between who we are inside, versus who the world outside expects us to be.

I first contacted Adrian by email as we're from different countries and I can honestly say that I would've never guessed we'd come some far. He was very responsive and to my surprise he actually made me feel like we were having a face-to-face conversation. He was very open, clear and we had a very relaxed and pleasant discussion. I will start out simple: I can tell you he is without a doubt the most passionate photographer I've met so far. And I say that after having worked with many photographers from all over the world.

He is so driven by what he does and goes to great lengths to achieve breathtaking images.

I can tell you that he is a true professional when it comes to the people he works with and an easy to talk to guy. Adrian believed in me the whole way through, he motivated me and helped me a lot in becoming my best self professionally wise. He was respectful and appreciative of my work while patiently offering me constructive feedback. That is so hard to come by these days. While interacting I felt heard, listened to, I felt like I was part of a team and that my opinion mattered in the creative process.

It's all thanks to him and in my experience that's a very difficult thing to achieve when working with someone that's literally a thousand miles away. I was so impressed with Adrian's creativity, his unique way of seeing things, his attention to detail and his ability to turn a simple image into a compelling story. This has honestly been the most interesting and fulfilling professional experience I had so far. He is a true artist and we definitely need more guys like him in this industry. It's been an honor and a pleasure working with him and I'm really looking forward to our next collaboration.

Hire Adrian and you will see for yourself that he'll exceed all expectations !

Alex Stanculescu | Fashion/Beauty Retoucher

I first met Adrian a few years back whilst producing Norwich Fashion Week events and Photoshoots. Working on the same fashion shoot for a mutual client we instantly had the same work ethic and approach to fashion and photography.

I knew instantly Adrian would be a hit in the Fashion Photography Industry. With his attention to detail, willingness to learn and his amazing drive to succeed.

As the years moved forward we crossed paths again earlier this year and both agreed we loved how each other worked and would aim to work together again this year! Well, knowing Adrian and his ability to create a visual fashion story within 2 months we were planning our next shoot! Adrian's drive and passion surpasses me.

With a professional yet approachable manner his collaborations produce not only the most magical images, but also a mutual respect from the team.

I have worked with many Fashion photographers in my 15 years experience and yet Adrian still manages to take it over and above client expectations. His structured approach gives his team great time scales and a call sheet to work towards.

Our most recent project 'Treasures of the Forgotten Ocean' was a challenge for us both (and as we are from the same cloth) no pun intended! Striving to take it one step further we did just that. On a cold chilly May bank holiday in Happisburgh every attention to detail was thought of:

  • Hair/makeup artist
  • Cafe to eat/drink and get ready
  • Location parking & timings of the shoot
  • Model placing & posing
  • Behind the scenes photographer
  • Assistants
  • Lighting
  • As a photographer Adrian is not afraid of new challenges and being taken out of his comfort zone, always striving and continuing to reach his goals. I foresee Adrian making big waves in the Fashion Editorial industry and producing great publication content.

    He is known for taking the most beautiful fantasy images but also has a commercial fashion eye, which ever road he decides to follow I'm sure it will be amazing! I have the upmost respect and admiration for Adrian and I look forward to working with him for many years to come.

    Louise Lace | Fashion Stylist

    I have worked with Adrian on 3 shoots in the last 6 months and have rarely seen as much vision and determination in a photographer.

    Adrian's ideas are always painstakingly thought out and his ideas are getting better, and more elaborate, as time passes.

    His dedication to his work sees him putting in long hours, organising his team to precision and taking time to source locations and collect props. From my point of view as a fashion stylist, I find Adrian is clear at expressing his wants/ideas for the shoot but not without flexibility.

    He is happy to take on board others' suggestions and appreciates that sometimes other peoples' input can make his ideas even better.

    Abi Gray | Fashion Stylist

    Thank you so much for a successful and creative photo shoot. You've provided me with expressive and exciting photos for my portfolio as a fashion designer.

    Your professionalism and attitude towards your work is outstanding and I am highly impressed by how well my garments were treated.

    Especially that you used your time to collect and drop off the garments to my house directly. You have been highly co-operative and most resourceful by sourcing me out yourself after seeing my graduate fashion show.

    You should be proud of yourself and your forthcoming career, keep at it. It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you for choosing my work to photograph.

    — Gabriella Wisdom | Fashion Designer

    I have had a chance to work with Adrian on a couple of occasions, and it was a real pleasure.

    His imagination and creativity have no boundaries, he is not afraid to challenge himself as well as the whole team.

    His visions are fresh and exiting, exactly what I love about photography and the makeup involved. Adrian is also very organised and has an amazing attention to detail, which helps to make his ideas happen during the photo shoot.

    He is easy going and professional, and I will be more than happy to collaborate with him again in the very close future.

    Patrice Szubska | Makeup Artist

    Really looking forward to seeing the results of the last shoot I did with Adrian, I can't wait to share them with my readers and add them to my portfolio of work. Very excited! Adrian likes to work in a very organised and structured manner.

    He makes good use of story boards so the team have an understanding of the shoot and his aspirations for individual images.

    Looking forward to working with him on future projects, I was speaking to some models recently who said they were keen to work with him, so I've told them to get in touch with their portfolios. I warned them that he puts 100% in to his shoots and expects the team to do the same! If you need a photographer to work hard and exchange creative ideas with then Adrian is ideal!

    Missy Vintage | Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

    Having assisted Adrian on a number of occasions, he is without a doubt very professional and extremely passionate about what he does. He goes to the greatest efforts of planning all of his photo shoots down to the smallest intricate detail. Making sure that no stone is left unturned, he thinks of absolutely everything and even prepares for the unexpected.

    From discovering hidden, unique and interesting locations to shoot in, creating detailed storyboards and testing complex lighting setups prior to a shoot, to successfully managing large teams of exceptional and varied creative talent on set, and producing beautiful stunning images that stand out, Adrian has set incredibly high standards and expectations in his work.

    He has a natural skill for directing models and giving them positive and constructive feedback, as well as being considerate of the creative needs and contributions of all of his team members. He takes his professionalism very seriously but at the same time knows how to have fun and helps people enjoy themselves whilst they are in his presence.

    The thing that truly makes Adrian different is his vision. He is a creative problem solver and has a perspective like no other.

    He can take just a seed of an idea and turn it into a compelling story that is immensely awe-inspiring and visually breathtaking. He has inspired hundreds of people through his art and continues to go from strength to strength with every new challenge. I look forward to seeing where Adrian's career takes him, and I believe anyone who hires him will be astonished by his sheer determination and tenacity in getting the shot, they will not be disappointed!

    — Katie Bradford | Photography Assistant

    I've had the pleasure to work with Adrian on a number of shoots now.

    I find it refreshing and inspiring to work with someone who is both passionate and highly professional in their field.

    He has proven that he is able to both organise and orchestrate complex shoots which have yielded some great results. I look forward to working more with him in the future!

    James Clayden | Videographer

    I was very pleased to have been booked to model for Adrian's conceptual fashion story project (Lover's Tryst), particularly after meeting with him previously to discuss ideas on a seperate project and getting a feel of how his mind works.

    Pre-shoot communications were brilliant and Adrian did an exceptional job of organising a large team of creatives, as well as various materials. The day itself was intense and very cold.

    But luckily the entire team got on very well and Adrian made sure we were all happy and comfortable, while maintaining focus on the project itinerary & achieving the results he set out to.

    He produced some breathtaking Avant Garde images that went on to be published both locally and internationally.

    Adrian is very much the professional and takes his work seriously. However he also understands the importance of balancing this with fun and a bit of banter, which I think is very important in making a shoot a success. All in all, I really enjoyed working with Adrian.

    He has a wonderfully unique imagination and ideas, a strong drive and dedication to his art that has really inspired myself and others.

    I am looking forward to working with him again very much - on something even more extraordinary. This man is destined to succeed - I can assure you that he will go Farr! ;) Highly recommended.

    Molly Robinson | Model & Dancer

    Adrian Farr is a talented and ambitious photographer who I've had the pleasure of working with on a fashion shoot.

    He was very professional and full of ideas and enthusiasm - I'm super happy with all the images!

    Since then I've seen his photography skills continually grow, along with his creative concepts, often inspired by elements of fantasy. Best of luck with it all and keep up the amazing work!

    Carmen Obied | Model @ Model Management Agency

    I have worked with you on two shoots so far and I'm thoroughly looking forward to working with you again.

    You are hugely creative, you have amazing ideas and I'm very much looking forward to seeing your ideas come to life.

    You are a true artist and I know it's frustrating for you to have all these innovative creations in your mind that you want to portray in artistic photography, and not have the liquid to make it all happen as fast as you'd like to. Keep at it though, with your determination it will happen and you will succeed.

    I know many people, not just models, who would really benefit from being photographed by a photographer such as yourself. You are patient and excellent at direction. You always get the shot!

    You can work with beginners as well as the most experienced of models and you get fantastic results. I hope everything keeps going well for you and your ideas become a reality very soon!

    — Nakita Harden | Model @ Flawless Agency

    Having worked with Adrian I have become more and more adventurous as a model, being part of his weird and wonderful ideas have really inspired me.

    The time and effort put into all of his shoots is endless and the end result – Phenomenal!

    I highly recommend Adrian as a photographer.

    Elle Harris | Model @ Sandra Reynolds Agency

    I have assisted Adrian on 2 shoots, and on both occasions have been highly impressed by the passion and sheer commitment that he works with to get the best out of not only his own photography, but at getting the best out of all the people he works with.

    From working closely and flexibly with fashion designers, stylists and makeup artists to giving creative direction to the models in order to get the best shots possible.

    The extensive planning and communication before every shoot goes further to show just how competent & professional he is in his work.

    He is always looking to better his photography and push himself further in his ideas for shoots. I would love to work with Adrian again as a model, and have heard many others as well say how they would love to shoot with him as they think his work is fantastic.

    Amy Beven | Model

    I've been lucky enough to work with Adrian on a number of shoots and have always been impressed with his professional attitude.

    His artistic vision adds a great creativity to shoots, which has given me as a model, a range of great portfolio shots.

    Adrian is a very inclusive photographer who offers great direction to models, and has definitely given me guidance which I have been able to use in future shoots.

    Heather Spanton | Model

    Hi Adrian, wanted to let you know how helpful your assistance was to the team for our recent photoshoot. It was a particularly challenging session with the long hours from day til night and an awkward location. Nevertheless,

    Your enthusiasm and professionalism never waned, and as a result we were able to achieve the result we needed for the job to be done.

    Thanks again and I hope to work with you in the future again.

    Bernard Yeoh | Photographer

    I have been lucky to have had Adrian work for me several times in the past. Not only a great photographer, but a hard worker.

    Someone who is keen to learn, enthusiastic about what he does and determined to do the best job possible.

    Highly recommended.

    — Leeroy Jenkins | Photographer