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Driven by his ambition to make the imagination visible and inspired by mythology, Adrian Farr is a conceptual, fashion and fine art photographer working between Norwich and London. Through his choice of exquisite styling and carefully crafted scenes of otherworldly landscapes, Adrian is an adventurous and curious storyteller, best known for his elaborate and theatrical fantasy narratives. Favouring a more outlandish and fantastical approach to storytelling, his dreamlike and surrealistic images; whether dark and sinister, or magical and enchanting, are not just a mirror of his own curiosities, but are also a reflection of the intricate mysteries of his audience.

If you want people to remember what is unique about your brand, then you need to tell them a story they won't ever forget!

In today’s world of infinite news feeds and constant streams of fresh advertising, where we are spoilt with more choice than ever when choosing which products and services to invest our money in, or to which messages we give our full attention to, your influence is absolutely everything, and so you really cannot afford to be subtle in your marketing or to take the same approach as your competitors. You need to stand out and steal the curiosity of your audience in a way that gets them emotionally invested in your brand. As prominent designer labels like Dior, Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier, and leading fashion magazines like Vogue have proven time and time again, visual storytelling is the ultimate key to successful brand marketing in the competitive world we live in. The most powerful marketing campaigns quickly captivate your interest with high impact, visually arresting and spectacularly immersive, storytelling images and videos that spark an emotional reaction.

Creative and enticing photography is like a visual assault on the senses, and is proven to evoke far deeper emotions and encourage a much more authentic engagement with your audience. It allows people to dream and imagine how your products and services will impact and positively change their lives. It allows people to view the world in a completely different way. This leads to improved brand awareness and perceived value as you articulate your brand personality. Visual stories help you express your uniqueness in the most engaging and innovative ways possible. Therefore eye-catching and professional photography should not be overlooked as an unjustified expense, but instead considered as a long-term investment that will reinforce your brand identity, ensuring your intended audience pays special attention to YOUR products and services, and perceives YOUR message in exactly the way YOU want them to. Effective visual storytelling can be extremely powerful for your business growth.

Filmed in collaboration with James Clayden

You have a lot of different options when it comes to hiring a photographer, but what Adrian specialises in is overcoming artistic challenges with creative visual solutions, and transforming ambitious ideas and innovative concepts into captivating and conceptual stories, which will help distinguish and set your brand apart. Abundant with hidden meanings, his creative process of grandiose dress and detailed props, intricate set designs, unique locations, and inventive lighting, combines the luxurious finesse of high-fashion with the dramatic aesthetics of fantasy fiction, transporting viewers to a world beyond this one. To add even greater depth and magnitude to your visual campaign, as a creative director, Adrian also has the experience and aptitude of working alongside filmmakers and cinematographers on larger productions, and can therefore help you create an all round immersive and storytelling experience for your audience, through the combined effort of both still and moving image.

Filmed in collaboration with James Clayden

What makes Adrian different from most photographers is his ability to surprise his audience and catch them off guard. Charging through the clutter of monotonous and safe photography, Adrian’s eager sense of curiosity and attention to detail, allows him to create vividly expressive images that stand out and grab attention. Each project he works on is painstakingly crafted and meticulously thought out, in order to extrude every possible artistic detail. Entwining elements of fashion and fine art photography together, Adrian’s eccentric style is atypical and highly imaginative. With a deliberate focus on narrative, he builds detailed, complex and riveting scenes of unconventional beauty that jump off the page and stick in the mind of the viewer, giving you an unmistakable visual identity that becomes attached to your brand, and ultimately a distinctive visual edge over your competition. With Adrian's flamboyant imagery, your audience will know who you are, and they will hear your message!

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